Professional Dad Do’s and Don’ts

Alright dads! Being a dad is a tough job. We do everything we can to make sure we provide the best for our children. But lets face it. We still have to make it to our job that allows us to provide for the household. What we don’t have to do is show up and let everyone at work know that your kids won the battles the night before, you’ve been hit by a few buses on the way and the obsessions you have with superheroes or your favorite childhood rapper. In other words, lets clean it up when we’re getting ready for work and look like we’ve matured since high school.

There are just some things you need to completely avoid in a professional environment. Some of us require uniforms for work which there’s no way you can mess that up unless you never wash your clothes (please wash your clothes!) Others have a great flexibility to dress down and have themes to their office attire for the day. Then there’s those places where you need to follow a dress code standard. So wherever you may fall, here’s some do’s and don’ts to help you look a bit more presentable the next time you show up for work.


DON’T: There’s no need to wear graphic tees unless you’re going to a concert, sports game or an event. Only exception would be those days where there’s a theme at the office. And just because you’re not wearing a graphic shirt, doesn’t mean it’s ok to wear a shirt that’s a couple sizes too big. This includes those shirts that are one size smaller than fitted or tight. Your body needs to breath and you need to be comfortable. Speaking of too tight. Not wearing an undershirt is unacceptable. Guys get cold too.

DO: First things first. Get your measurements taken or do take them yourself. Know your size and get to know the sizing chart from some of your favorite brands. Wearing anything that fits you properly already puts you in the right direction. Get yourself some neutral solid polos and dress shirts. Patterns are also great to add some texture. Always have an undershirt. It works to add a layer when it’s a bit cold and also catches the sweat from going through to your outer layer. Tuck in your shirt to elevate you to that professional level. If the workplace is a bit more relaxed, you can leave a polo shirt untucked.


DON’T: Your waist is not below your butt, so your pants shouldn’t be that low. This is by far the worst way to show up anywhere. But lets say your pants are at your waist. You know, the one above your butt. However, you bought the extremely baggy fit which now becomes a tripping hazard. Not attractive unless your MC Hammer. When it comes to jeans, some places allow it and others may have a day to dress down. I know the fad is to have a couple of rips here and there. It just doesn’t fit at the workplace.

DO: Once again, know your size! Invest in some cotton or wool slacks. Maybe a slim fit, straight leg or even a slight loose fit. Get these in black, navy, gray, and maybe khaki. Using a tailor can get any of these to be a perfect fit. Just remember it’s easier to take off fabric than to add. Lastly, dress to fit the environment. Your office may be a bit more dressy or more relaxed. Stand out but don’t be out of place.


DON’T: Dress shirt? Check! Dress pants? Check! Adidas Yeezy Boost 350? WHY?! Now I know having some fresh new kicks or wearing some clean white sneakers with a suit is a nice trend but please know your environment before you do that. It’s not about showing everyone the latest releases you stood hours in line for. Some people don’t even care. I have even seen guys wear sneakers with loose laces. At the workplace this shows laziness, being incapable and not well put together. I much rather you get some shoes with some Velcro straps.

DO: Match the attire. If you go with dressy, go with loafers or monk straps. If it’s a bit more relaxed, maybe some casual dressy sneakers. Preferably all white or black depending on those dress code standards. And please tighten those shoe strings. The shoes definitely completes the outfit and are often looked at more than you think.


DON’T: Those sunny days calls for some stylish shades. That’s all it’s for. When you step in the building, the sun doesn’t follow you. Please remove the shades. It actually may not be safe. Caps are great to represent your sport teams and even add some extra shade. Unless your job requires it, it’s probably not a good idea to where these at work. Not a good look in a professional business setting. Your neck shouldn’t also look like the rappers from the 90’s. What are you trying to accomplish by wearing all your necklaces, bracelets and rings?

DO: If you must wear some type of eyewear, consider wearing eye glasses. You may already have a pair or you can even get one without any prescription. Besides, they can make you look a bit more smarter. You can still keep your cool shades handy for when you step back into the light. So let’s talk about this cap you like to wear. What are you hiding? It helps to keep a nice grooming routine going. Get a fresh cut and trim that beard. Touch it up every couple of days and you wont need to disguise yourself with a hat. If you want to wear jewelry, just keep it simple. A chain and bracelet will do. If you got a nice watch, that’s a bonus.

Last but just as important

Cologne: You don’t want to be detected before you’re seen. Be Subtle. Have just enough to create curiosity and interest.

Ties: It should meet your belt. Not your crotch or struggling to meet your belly button.

Body Language: Don’t show how upset you are because someone took your parking spot or how you remembered your lunch is sitting at the counter at home. Having a positive attitude and a friendly demeanor will make you a lot more approachable.

Consideration: You’re not watching a UFC match or cheering on your kid at a soccer game. Be mindful of your surroundings. Know your audience. No need to yell across the room to your co-worker.

Don’t be that dad. Dress to impress and show that you put a little more effort into being professional. At home, feel free to grab that stained oversized shirt and worn out basketball shorts. Just don’t leave the house like that. I wouldn’t recommend staying that way when you have company either.

Let me know if I missed anything or if you have questions about your workplace attire. I’d love to hear from you!

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