Kids Wardrobe Dilemma

I believe every parent has experienced some clothing issues when trying to figure out what still fits and will this be too big for their toddlers. Dads are usually not an expert in shopping for clothes and even less when shopping for girls. Especially since everything is so pink and sparkly. I think the most frustrating thing has been searching the closet finding clothes with tags still on them or shoes that were never worn because they were cute but never had an outfit to go with them. Being a single dad, I spent quite a bit on clothes and shoes thinking it is what my daughter needed and all it did was sit in the closet. I have researched and learned some things that I wish I knew much earlier that have helped me today. Here some tips that you can take with you next time you go shopping for your little one.

Sizes. What does it mean?

For babies, it’s pretty easy to figure out what size they are. You start with NB (New Born) and with a blink of an eye your at 3 months. These go all the way up to 24 months. When you reach the 24 month size for babies, that also translates to a 2T (T = Toddler) which brings me to the next phase, Toddlers.

This is where it got interesting for me. Generally speaking, the number pretty much matched the age of my daughter which made it easy to pick clothes. Because all kids are unique and have a different growing rate, they may reach the next size sooner or take longer to get there. When my daughter was 4, I would buy her 4T to realize she only wore it once but the 5T school shirt she has fits her the same which I couldn’t understand. This next information is extremely helpful for the next time you shop. Get your child’s measurements. Only thing for right now that’s important is their height right into about 7 years old. This will help you get the right size and knowing when it’s time to size up. Another thing to note is that different brands may have a slightly different chart to go by. Since you have the height already, this will be easy for you to choose the right size.

From 7 to about their late teens, measurements become more in depth. The height, bust/chest, waist and hips can change drastically as their bodies start to mature. Around this time is when you’ll see more of letter and number sizes. Sometimes you’ll come across a size range which can be tricky. Having these measurements handy will help you determine what’s the best size needed for your child.

Did you just grow over night?

Sometimes children can have a growth spurt which can seem to happen over night. This becomes frustrating when you just bought something and it already doesn’t fit. It’s a good idea to do a measurement spot check every 6 months or so especially if it’s time to buy some new clothes and shoes for school. Generally, growth spurts can happen between the ages of 8 – 15 years old. So this is when sizes can change over night for your child. Some helpful growth spurt signs to look out for is increase in appetite, longer periods of sleep, clumsiness and puberty.

What do to with all those clothes?

Overtime you have accumulated a collection of clothes that no longer fits and now they are starting to take up room in the closet and dresser. Where do you begin?

First of all, let’s go through the clothes that are damaged, stained or stretched out. If it’s not in any condition to be worn, then it should be tossed. Next, I like to reach out to any family members who may have a child just a bit younger than my daughter to see if they can find a need for them. In the past this has helped but it has also created more clutter. So be mindful when giving or accepting hand-me downs. If this option is not available to you, then donating it is the next best thing. Someone somewhere will appreciate this in more ways than you know and it’s always great helping others.

Helpful Sources

• You can find general sizing information and conversion charts at

• Here are some affordable brands to look for:

– Cat & Jack

– Wonder Nation

– Faded Glory

– Old Navy/Gap

– The Children’s Place

– Carter’s

– OshKosh B’Gosh

– Gymboree

• Some places you can make donations to:

– Goodwill

– The American Red Cross

– Soles4Souls

– The Salvation Army

– Boys & Girls Club

If there is anything that has helped you, please share what that is as it can be helpful to someone else.

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