ATTENTION DADS! We’ve got your back

It has been apparent that the dad community is growing and many dads are becoming more active in todays society. For a long time, moms flooded the internet with blogs about advice, tips and experiences that supported many moms across the globe. Today, dads are making just as much of an impact in the parenting world and it continues to inspire dads of all kinds.

If you’re one of those dads looking for guidance and support with your situation, chances are there’s a dad out there going through the same thing. Maybe you’re just trying to figure out how the heck does this “dad” thing work. There’s tons of us who have gone through it and to be honest, we’re still trying to figure it out as every unique kid evolves differently. None the less, we have learned tips from others or developed our own tricks in the role of parenting.

Internet Search

The world is full of all kinds of people who have gone through all types of situations. The internet has become a source to voice our experiences and many of us have googled answers or stories much like the ones we have gone through. Many dads have used the internet to share these experiences through blogs, social media and even podcasting. There is something for everyone. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, then maybe it’s time to start sharing your story. You will learn things through someone else’s voice or even learn more about yourself when embarking in your own sharing journey.

There are tons of blogs and support sites to guide you in the right direction.

There is an endless support system waiting for you to join the fatherhood movement. There are answers to your questions. There are questions for you to answer. There’s a dad struggling trying to figure this role out. There’s a dad who needs direction. There’s dads who have been there and done that. There’s a dad who has gone through what you have been through. This is the circle you need to become a part of.

Support Groups

This is an excellent way to be involved in the fatherhood community. There are groups who have a great support system who find ways to share stories and more importantly, keep the interaction between you and the child a priority. You can find dad groups near you, family gatherings or even local events for kids. Being a part of a community will have all kinds of benefits.

The City Dads Group has many city chapters throughout the nation. Join one today!

Let’s say you don’t have a local group. Why not start one? Someone somewhere is looking for a group to join seeking support or will just want to meet new like minded people. Take the City Dads Group for example. They have a growing community of all kinds of dads in many cities across the nation. I have been a part of the group for over a year and it has been nothing but great. There are meet-ups that involve in having fun with your children, the family and even having a dads night out. I have met so many dads and my daughter has made many friends.

Phone A Friend

Sometimes it’s great to just reach out to someone and have a conversation. Aside from seeking professional help, you may want to talk to a dad who you feel comfortable with. Maybe talking to someone who’s been through what you’ve been through. This is easier than you think. You may have read a blog that really struck home for you. Send them an email. You may find someone on social media who gives you motivation and inspiration. Show them your appreciation. What if you run into a dad that you share similar interests with? He may be your next best bud.

Nowadays that connection is just a click away.

Creating these relationships with other dads may not only help you but them as well. Speaking with someone can get so much off your mind and sometimes hearing yourself talk can lead to those moments where you know you could have done something better. Better yet, you realize your not doing a bad job after all.


There is a huge support system out there waiting for you to join them. If you’re either looking for help, want to help or do both, there is a place for you. We tend to beat ourselves up for the little things but in the end, we’re going to be just fine. So reach out to someone today. Ask that question. Share your story. Show your appreciation and gratitude.

January 2020 meet up with the Orlando Dads Group. Checkout these dads to find out how they can help. Pictured from left: Flor, Tom, Steve, Lou, Marlon & Nate.

We’re right here when you need us!

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