Welcome to DadStyle99! Going through fatherhood can be a big reality check and some dads may not know where to start. These kids don’t just come with a manual, so that being said, we all have a unique parenting style. Nonetheless, there are some basics that we can all benefit from. We also try to figure out how to balance everything else from our hobbies, to checking out our favorite food spots or trying to fit exercise in between there naps . Let’s not forget to mention some of us who’s trying to figure out how to escape problematic relationships.

I will share my personal experiences and research to help us understand real life situations or how to prevent parenting nightmares from happening. We will also have some fun and survey many people to see what kind of tips and tricks they have learned over time that you may be able to use in your fatherhood journey. Finally, we will feature some cool interviews, how-to’s and ideas so you can be on top of your dad game!

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