This Is Dad Style

First let me begin by giving some back story on how Dad Style 99 came about. When I first started my Instagram Influencer journey, I wanted to be a fashion style content creator. Back then it was Grid_Style99. Tons of people were doing it and I constantly found myself trying to keep up with trends... Continue Reading →

ATTENTION DADS! We’ve got your back

It has been apparent that the dad community is growing and many dads are becoming more active in todays society. For a long time, moms flooded the internet with blogs about advice, tips and experiences that supported many moms across the globe. Today, dads are making just as much of an impact in the parenting... Continue Reading →

Kids Wardrobe Dilemma

I believe every parent has experienced some clothing issues when trying to figure out what still fits and will this be too big for their toddlers. Dads are usually not an expert in shopping for clothes and even less when shopping for girls. Especially since everything is so pink and sparkly. I think the most... Continue Reading →

Making The Best of Timesharing

Having your child in your life is such a blessing. I couldn’t imagine my life without my daughter. Being able to celebrate your personal accomplishments with them just makes it that much more special. Especially when your purpose in life is to do everything you can do for your child. Having split custody makes these... Continue Reading →

Can You Co-Parent?

Co-parenting. It seems to be a difficult concept for many seperated parents out there. Sometimes, its just one of the parents who make it difficult for the other. Let’s start by taking some time to think about what co-parenting is actually about. The act of co-parenting is when two parents are divorced, separated or no... Continue Reading →

Single Dad Raising A Daughter

Getting divorced is something that no one plans on when they get married. It certainly isn't easy to go through. Having a child in that marriage adds a whole different level of challenges. This is such a difficult step in either parents life to go through. All you can do is hope to have a... Continue Reading →

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